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About Dunja Berndorff

Dunja Berndorff (a.k.a. nawim96) always combined classic digital graphics with signature illustration. Her artwork is featured in a wide array of books, among them many that show her love for flawless typography.

An important focus of her work is the visualization of texts and music as well as the development of stage sets. In the team of the music revue “EHIEH – EIN HIT IST EIN HIT” she is responsible for the entire appearance, the stage design, the visualizations of the show and the design of the communication materials. Dunja Berndorff also has experience in music-related topics. She was responsible for the design of the music magazine Guide Berlin, the series of events “Jazz In July” as well as various CD and DVD artworks (including for Opera National Paris, Rough Trade) and the corporate design of Ballhaus Berlin.

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